Thursday, May 26, 2005


It's my second to the last week at StingyCo. It's turnover galore, although my colleagues are fast learners and we haven't had to work overtime for that. Actually I've been going home quite early the past few weeks. No need for overtime; especially since you aren't going to get paid doing it. Been bringing work home--it's easier to work in front of the laptop, near the TV, having a nicotine fix. Promise. I wish I could do remote. Sigh.

Anyway, my desk is still a mess; production problems are still coming in; and a lot of people seem to be genuinely sad that I'm leaving. I know I can be easily replaced, but I guess I like to feel that I'm special to some of my officemates at least. And I know they'll be having a hard time continuing my public relations tradition for the IT department (providing birthday cards, gifts and PR emails in and out of the department). Hahahaha. The Small Big Boss actually included that (jokingly!) as one of my turnover tasks.

Turnover is about 70% done. It's quite saddening, actually. I'm sad, nervous, apprehensive, excited and eager all at once.


beware: AI spoilery
Oh, Zane got her wish. She hearts Bo but didn't want him to win. So there. It just proves that Carrie was viewed as more consistent and -dare I say it?- more mainstream. Will I buy Bo's album? Probably. Carrie's? Definitely not. I don't even buy Martina McBride's albums, let alone her little clone-doll. Her voice is good though, unwavering. She really deserved it.

The final winner, though, is American Idol: still the #1 series despite scandals involving contestants Bo and Scott, and more notably, judge Paula Abdul. The show seems to be the only ratings winner for the Fox network and is widely followed even in Asia, where, the show constantly points out, voting does not apply. Hee!

Last Song Syndrome : Perfect Strangers theme song
Sometimes the world looks perfect
Nothin' to rearrange
Sometimes you just
Get a feelin' like you need some kind of change

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