Saturday, February 26, 2005

one week

For a while there, we didn't have internet access at StingyCo and we thought that it really was going to live up to its name. It was mentioned that only higher-level officers would be given access. Of course I should have more faith in the fact that I belong to the department that is actually in charge of the internet access (although I don't do that kind of work); internet access was restored, but unfortunately, work had piled up due to the holiday. Merit increases were also given, and I'm glad that I wasn't one of those who only got three-digit increases (yes, Virgina, there is a StingyCo). We mustn't be compared to other branches in the region, whom, it was pointed out, didn't even get increases. Their cost of living doesn't increase ever so significantly every year. Sigh.

to hell and back
I don't care what critics may say, I thoroughly enjoyed Constantine. I wasn't moved to be more pious in my non-practiced Catholic faith, but I had a great time watching. The background mythos of it all was quite interesting and though I've never read a Hellblazer comic, I just might look around for someone to lend me some. It's most interesting to note that the John Constantine of the comic was actually based physically on Sting. Hehe.

The twists and turns (never mind the plot-holes) were interesting, and there were some literally-almost-jump-out-of-your-seat scenes; the casting of Tilda Swinton at her androgynous best was wonderful; and then we got to see Papa Gavin (Rossdale, squee!). And I love Rachel Weisz. Totally. Wasn't able to see the final scene after the credits, but a lot of people have graciously posted what it was, so I didn't see the need to see the movie again. Does Keanu have a new franchise? Will he ever learn to act? Ah, we'll see.

wine as a metaphor for life
Virginia Madsen will probably not win the Oscar Best Supporting Actress for what A.O. Scott of the New York Times called the most overrated films of the year. Sideways was an intriguing, thinking movie; it didn't seem poised for commercial success but they were able to build up the hype. Meanwhile, Paul Giamatti's portrayal of a depressed wine-lover and Thomas Haden Church's non-hatable cad were also wonderful. Maleen left the theater feeling heavy because she had channeled Giamatti's depression; meanwhile, it didn't do any good for my contempt for most members of the opposite sex. Heh.

mathilde et manech
Superb. This is a gem of a movie, half-romance, half-war mystery. A lot of familiar faces provide Audrey Tautou support, and the visuals are wonderful, but what was most significant was the experience of watching Mathilde labor through her search for Manech, doubting sometimes but knowing always that her love was still alive. It's a movie about hope, something that we could use a lot of these days.

my newest godchild DnA's son, who turns two months old on Wednesday. Welcome to the Christian world, Mari Alejandro. Your parents are blessed to have you; and you are blessed to be born into a family (and a god-family) filled with love.
Ali's baptism

Last Song Syndrome : Drift Away - Bo Bice's version

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