Saturday, February 12, 2005

an evening at the opera

The Phantom of the Opera, that is. Lavish spectacle, made even more remarkable by the fact that the entire cast (except for Minnie Driver) used their own voices. Unfortunately, there are some shortcomings, including Patrick Wilson's lack of charisma as Raoul, Gerard Butler's lack of menace as the Phantom (I really thought he was supposed to be more menacing, perhaps like Quasimodo with bite? you'd think they had hours to apply prosthetics to make him look more hideous), and Emily Rossum's lack of range of facial expressions as Christine. As it is also faithful to the stage musical from which it was adapted, Phantom also has some dragging parts that would not cater to a wide audience.

The spectacle of it all, though, the lavish sets, the wondrous design, and at-times breath-taking chorus scenes are magnificent, as are Minnie Driver and Miranda Richardson in their supporting roles (yet, I could be biased, because I absolutely adore these two). And the main character, Andrew Lloyd Webber's music, is the most disarming of all. Although I know some of the songs by heart, I have never heard them in the actual context of the musical; therefore it was poignant to watch Christine and Raoul singing All I Ask of You to each other; and The Music of the Night was quite thrilling.

It was a good experience, but not a great experience. It reminded me, at times, of MeatLoaf videos and seemed to try to reach the heights of one of the great movie musicals, Moulin Rouge. It does not fail, but it does not excel.

naman, naman
Hey lady. When I shelled out PhP120 for a guaranteed-seats ticket to the Phanton of the Opera at Glorietta 4, I didn't know that included listening to you singing along to All I Ask of You. Hee. Wala ka namang talent fee ah.

Last Song Syndrome : All I Ask of You

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