Monday, January 17, 2005

another year, another reading

It's funny, the things that remind me of the passage of another year in the life. Aside from the New Year celebrations and the birthdays, it's Oscars and Cosmo Bedside Astrologers that most hit me with the passage of time. This year's Bedside Astrologer says that the best day of the year for me (and for hundreds of millions of other Scorpios?) will be November 2, 2005. Good, that I will have a great day three days after I turn the big 3-oh. Fehk.

Other things that the Bedside Astrologer had to say about me:
  • "A Scorpio girl approaches life head-on. Strong, determined and painfully honest, you're passionate about everything from a political cause to the color of your lipstick. If you want something badly enough, you'll do damn near anything to get it (even if it requires some trickery on your part)." If this is true, then I'm absolutely not a Scorpio girl (little meek me would wish to be, though), although the trickery is right up my alley.
  • "By midyear, you'll be juggling two different dudes." I wonder, will I become a circus girl? Wouldn't that be nice, though. Teehee.
  • In June, I will apparently "stir up a sexual heat wave under Venus's extra sensual influence." Heh, can't help laughing.
  • In March, "There's nothing to do but push through the pile when Saturn loads you with extra work during the last two weeks of the month. Tapping into your inner force gets the job done efficiently, and your diligence is noticed by the boss." Now that's more like it.

    Another year, another reading. Sometimes these astrology readings actually get it right, although it's more of your perception of things though. And I guess if you believe that something's going to happen, your vibes are going your way too. Now if I could only combine this properly with my Chinese horoscope reading...


    Belated happy birthday to the dear zeester (that's zeester#1), who is no longer updating her blog, since she started working for BigLawFirm. Oh well. Twenty-four is a great age especially when everything seems to be on the up. I hope all your dreams come true and all your plans see fruition. Go, girl.

    Last Song Syndrome : Moonshadow - Cat Stevens
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