Saturday, November 06, 2004

a quiet weekend

The usual birthday shindig was shelved in favor of buying AchTUNGBaby last last Wednesday and a quiet day in the company of (at lunch) Besprens D and M and Gelpren; (at Powerbooks) Pi and Bespren M; (at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf) Pi, Mr. Pi, Chef R, and Bespren J; and (at home) the mother-unit and the zeesters.

The next day we went to the cemetery (cue in mother-unit's artistic side). Apparently badminton has replaced sakla and all those card games as the cemetery game of choice. I just don't know if there's anything to be said on trampling on other people's graves. I saw a sad old man alone placing flowers and candles on a grave--his wife, probably? I don't know why, but sad old people strike such a chord of melancholy in me, more so than sad children. Another sad thing was the grave of Tita Teresita, which was stark and didn't look visited or cleaned recently, unlike Mamang's (by the time we had arrived, two sets of flowers had already been placed there).

After that early morning journey to the cemetery and a short pitstop at Mommy T's house in Alabang, I treated myself to a quiet afternoon at Powerbooks where I was able to browse through (okay, read and finish) two graphic novels. The first was JLA: Riddle of the Beast, a fantasy story that rethinks/recasts DC universe characters like Robin (Tim) Drake, Kal'El, Diana, Luthor, Green Arrow, Batman. I had wanted to buy a copy for ages. It was a good thing that there was an open copy this time, because I really don't think it was worth its PhP1,249 price tag. It was a relatively engrossing story, and it was nice to see familiar characters in a different light. However, there were some aspects in which it was a little lacking--maybe I'm expecting too much in a DCU/fantasy hybrid. Then there was a reintroduction to an old favorite: Elfquest: The Searcher and the Sword. Cutter and Leetah's adoptive human daughter Shuna tells the story this time, in the juxtaposition of her quest to find out more about humankind, and Treestump's quest to make a real sword. It's nice to read about these Wolfriders again. I hope to read about them again. It's been almost 20 years since I last read an Elfquest comic and I think I can now understand and appreciate more than when I was in third grade.

The rest of the weekend was spent studying. And it seemed to have been for naught because I didn't do well in that exam. Feh. Procrastinate. Now.

Didn't take any pictures during the birthday celebrations, so instead here are some pictures of kids close to my heart having fun on Halloween. First up is Mel and Ab's unico hijo Migs dressed up as Neo. I really really like the leather coat--adorable!
Migs as Neo

Before and after pictures of my niece, one of my favorite goddaughters. Apparently she has this ghoul shtick rehearsed. Little Louie was shrieking in sheer terror. Sheer terror, I tell you.
Camille on Halloween Camille Monster

If you don't blow out candles on your birthday, can you say that you aren't a year older? Teehee.

Last Song Syndrome : China - Tori Amos

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