Monday, November 15, 2004

day trippin'

Went to Ocean Park for the first time ever last Monday. I've always been to the former British territory on business, but never purely on pleasure; it was the first time I could devote time solely to shopping. The trip was the low-key post-bar gift to the zeester, and there was a deadline as well because it appears that next year, Ocean Park will be closed while HK Disneyland will open.

Some pictures from the day-trip to Ocean Park:

Dolphins! (which are not fishies, but mammals, eh? hehe, i know my zool!)

ocnpk09 ocnpk08
Going down to the Tai Shue Wan entrance from the Headland.

some nice things
  • Cheap pillows from the Mong Kok night market. Apparently, sold at HK$69 at a mall near our hotel, and at PhP250 at Home and Beyond here. Basta less than PhP200 siya. Per pair.
  • From Duty Free, Ashmore's Strawberries 'n' Cream, preserved strawberries in rich white chocolate, scrumptious! (And too bad it costs $5.50 for a 250g pack... economic considerations stopped me from buying any more...)
  • Hershey's Strawberries in Milk Chocolate Nuggets. In Cash and Carry.
  • Revlon Moisture-Stay Lip Color in Malt, which I couldn't find for the longest time (ok, I stopped looking after 2001). At 25% off. The first sort-of expensive lipstick that I ever bought and for which I got a lot of compliments (although mostly from girls, feh).

    Last Song Syndrome : Yeah - Usher
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