Monday, October 18, 2004

monday morning check-in

Am typing this from home. Still sick. What was influenza is still influenza with laryngitis now. Postponed the "pseudo-date" for Sky Captain... because I had no voice yesterday, and what fun is going on a pseudo-date if you can't talk! Gaah. Meanwhile, am not going to work today because I need to rest. I can't afford to be sick this Big-Project-Weekend. We are sleeping over at the office for the weekend (although since I live near, I will probably go home from time to time).

Was able to watch the first episode of The Grid yesterday though. Was quite taken with it despite the laid-back storytelling. Also, was wondering if Julianna Margulies had anything done, her face seemed so tight. Oh well. Am going to (try to) rest now.

Last Song Syndrome : I've Got a Theory - BtVS cast

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