Saturday, July 31, 2004


Mountain Dew's Code Red--with a dash of cherry. Tastes like liquid cherry candy. Far too sweet and strange for my tastes, and my tastes are sweet and strange.

From Imelda. Pac-man scene.
From Melanie Marquez's interview in Startalk. To Kris Aquino: "You're nothing but a second... trying hard copy-cat." Missed a word and took some of the most used film dialogue in Philippine cinema. I still preferred "Don't judge my brother, he is not a book!"
From Leno. Kal Penn and John Cho talking about being discriminated against at auditions, and Ashley Judd apologizing for white people in general.

Co-conspirator and I with other friends early this morning, talking about how friends can easily become lovers. He with a knowing squeeze of my hand. Been there, done that. Didn't work out. Because the term lovers somehow connotes only a physical relationship, and there was nothing emotional or vaguely deep about our aborted one.

bowling scores
Mine. 56 and 97. Still, better average than both years I played at the office bowling tournament. Good thing this year I am an organizer. Good to be there and part of the tizzy without having to play. Teehee. Stupid sensitive skin of mine broke at the thumb while playing bowling. I am not meant to throw heavy balls around, just whack at cocks. Shuttlecocks.

A calendar in the middle of the year. Of course, was helped by the fact that it was the Spike calendar. On sale at PhP99. I think it was a good buy... PhP99 for something to ogle at... but would have been better with shirtless pictures. Honestly.

Last Song Syndrome : Selecta cart theme song

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